Victoria’s Secret Bombshell workout

Victoria's secret Bombshell workout

Here’s a solid workout option you can do quickly with just dumbbells.
I’m posting this pre-Thanksgiving to give you no excuses.

I taught this workout with my team today and it’s a full body blast with a giant burn.
It feels great. You don’t feel like someone beat you but you know you worked.

1.If you have heavier dumbbells.. use those. I kept the rep range lower so you can lift
2.  20 seconds between each set.
3. After your metabolic blast, let your heart rate drop. Grab a drink of water.

Get up, get downs are a huge core/full body workout.
You simply lie completely on the floor, then get up.  You can either lie on your back or
front.  Mix it up.  My team says that on your back is much harder. Challenge yourself!

Chaturnga Mt. Climbers :  Do your normal mt. climber sprints with your hips down, but bend
your elbows to the back wall so you are really hitting your triceps. Stay low like a crocodile!

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