Super Secret Weapon Glute builder

Gym time! Online training.
Glute builder burnout. My set was 10×10 so I did about 65 reps with full range of motion. Then I raised my weight and did this burn out for 35 reps. I did  small sets of  only 5 because my glutes were on fire.

How to:
As you bring your knees into your chest, you are at the bottom of the lift. Use your heels to do 5 tiny presses so you only feel it in your glute, then press up to the top. That is one rep.
You will be burning! Keep your feet up high and close together.
Press through the heels to hit that glute hard.

5 tiny presses and push to the top equals 1 rep. I did 35 of these to finish my glutes for the day.

Your weight can be as heavy as YOU like. I did my first 65 reps of leg presses at 290. Feet up high and narrow stance. So I was already feeling my glutes.  Don’t lose focus, make sure you are pushing that weight and feeling your glutes! I’m totally serious! 🙂 xoxo

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