24 weeks out

Just a quickie update: 

Rob and I just returned from our vacation in Las Vegas. We took 5 days to relax before we start our busy season with our gym. I had so much food in Las Vegas, I came home puffy and fluffy and a bit under the weather. It was great but..

I couldn’t wait to begin my countdown to prep!

The last 6 months were tough.  Being sick and on so much medication made me really bummed. My doc has cleared me to get started on my plan again! My eye is at 95% now!  I’m really, really excited to look to 2015!

My goal and positives:
I’ve gained some bangin muscle in the last 6 months. I’m hopeful I got more glutes!
I’ve certainly put the work in!

My plan, right now is to do a slow cut and take off 12 pounds before I begin any prep. My macros are set for a proper cut and I’m not starving.
I’ve begun leaning and have lost a few pounds of bloat from my trip. I am not stressing!
I’m also not as concerned for the scale, of course but I definitely do not want to start my prep, this time 20 pounds from my goal.

Once I am within 10 pounds of my desired stage weight (approximately) I will pick a show and work toward that goal.  I will not rush it this year. I hope to compete in June, but am fully open to doing shows in August or October.  I want to come in leaner and tighter than last year.
So we will see how this cut goes. I will keep you posted!!

Edit: Yesterday I said “yes” to my bikini for 2015.  I’ve been contemplating my new suit and hoped to make a decision in February, but I found  “The ONE”.  It’s the best one yet!


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