IIFYM: calculating alcohol macros


You are on IIFYM  Flexible dieting.  So how do you calculate your alcohol macros?

First of all:
Protein reads as 4 calories per gram
Carbohydrates read as 4 calories per gram
Fat reads as 9 calories per gram
Alcohol reads as 7 calories per gram

You may count it as a FAT because it is close to the calories of a fat than a carb.

To calculate alcohol as a fat- take the number of calories of alcohol you will consume and divide that by 9 to get the grams of fat to count.

Example: Bud light=110 calories
110/9=12 so take 12 grams of fat for this bottle of beer.

Count it as carbs
You may take it as a carb but you must double the carbs.
Example: Bud light=110
110/4= 27.5 so double that and take 55 carbs for this beer.

Word of caution: In my past training experience, I have found that clients who drink, often will not stick to their meal plan and binge eat for the next 24 hours.
When you plan on having a drink, yes.. you will track it in your macros, but set a plan in place: 1 drink then club soda. Or 1 glass of wine. You are in control of a substance that often will cause you to lose control!!

If you are on a cut, be mindful that alcohol can slow you down.
My personal recommendation is to keep drinking to a minimum while you are cutting.  Contest prep.. do not recommend at all!

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