Christmas Bikini Girl Workout challenge


This is your Christmas week, Monday Challenge.

You’ve been working so hard. Let’s see what you are made of!
This is a timed workout. You will need a timer app for sure. There is NO rest, but as always, take one if you need to.

Because this is a volume workout, you will lighten your weights some but use what you can!  Pay attention to form. The goal is not to go as fast as you can, it’s to do all reps that meet the expectation of proper form. No slacking to complete reps!

Warm up: Warm up your whole body for 10 minutes, make sure you have your low back warm too!

Equipment: Dumbbellsbars,  power cords. If you have no equipment, do everything you can bodyweight.

1×3 minutes of deadlifts
1×2 minutes squats
1×1 minutes side skaters
1×2 minutes standing over head press DB
1×2 minutes single arm triceps extension (1 min each side)
1x max reps pull ups with TRX or assisted pull up.  (if you don’t have it, wide band pull downs)
1×1 minute pushups (any variety)
1×1 minute knee ups
1×2 minutes db curls
1×1 minute tricep dips
1x 3 minutes dead lifts
1×2 minutes sumo squats
1x 1 minutes side skaters
1×2 minutes lunges alternating and curtseys
1x max reps pull ups
1x max reps crunches
1x 1 minute standing lateral raise
1x 1 minute overhead DB press
1×3 min sumo deadlifts
1×2 min sumo pulse squats
1×1 minute side skaters
50 crunches
50 hip bridges squeezes

A little holiday Mean Girls  for you.. just for fun!

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