Bootylicious Bikini Blast


Need a glute centric workout that has no weights necessary?
Try this one and be sure to push hard.  Engage those glutes
by adding a fire band to our squats and bridges!

Air Squats-1 minute (go fast, sit back .. way back)
Donkey kicks 1 minute each side (on your elbows or hands and knees, lift that leg back.. here’s my video

4 rounds of that!

Alternating back lunges=12 each side
Single leg glute bridges=30 each side
4 rounds

Jump squats =25
Sumo squat pulses 25 (stay low, lowww)
4 rounds

Curtsey lunges Alternating 25 each side
Low side skaters 25 each side
4 rounds

Bonus abs: 50 jack knives, 50 reverse crunches, 3×30 sec plank hold. Core tight!

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