It’s time for posing and new shoes!!

Posing class for 2015 has officially begun.
Posing class for 2015 has officially begun.

I hired a posing coach.  In one hour I gained some pretty intense new perspective and
where I was going wrong.  My last show, I was self study which I do not recommend.
Basically what you “think” looks right and good in the mirror is NOT what the judges see.
Everything is about how you look from the judges table and they are lower than the stage.
Angles mean everything.

Different federations have different poses that you are judged on.
In bikini, you are going to be judged on a front pose and a back pose.
The judges are looking for the best total package and bad posing can make or break
your chances. I need to be STRONG this year in posing.

Many competitors begin their posing a few weeks out from the show.
Trust me, you do not want to do that. If you have time, then get with your coach now.
You have to practice, tweak then when you are stage ready, she may change your pose stance
depending on how it looks because you are lean!!  You have to be so comfortable that you can take changes in stride.

SECRET:  I have competed where the stage manager changed our walk pattern  exactly
right before we stepped on stage!  There was oil and feathers left on the stage from another
body builder and that presented a slipping hazard. We had to t-walk on the fly!
I’m not saying that was right but things like this happen!

I love my platforms!
Alas, we have decided to switch to the mini platform stage shoe.
I’m so comfortable in those big platforms because those are what I normally rock!
When I tried on the tiny platform ones, I felt like a fish out of water so I am certainly
going to have to work harder this year to master these.

I think this one is nice.
I think this one is nice.

The suit I picked out is so fantastic that I may even go with a (gasp) plain shoe
so the focus is not so much on my feet.  I’m open to that.

If you aren’t sure what shoe you want, you can visit Uncle Larry’s  Hustler Club stores
and try on a few pairs.  Those stores are always in the big cities so you won’t have to
shield your eyeballs over on the East Side. Well,  you still will.
I have found that different brands run small.  My first pair of Pleaser platforms became
too big for me to wear on stage. I kept falling. Your feet get lean too.

If you don’t find a pair you like at least you know the fit of the brand.
You can order online by searching:
bikini competition shoes
fitness competitor shoes
exotic shoes

The plastic upper molds to your foot the longer you wear it and the shoe becomes
molded to your feet so get to practicing in your shoes.

Secret: I added little skids to the bottom of my shoes . You may or may not want to consider that.
Sometimes venues have slick stages and body oil is present.

2 thoughts on “It’s time for posing and new shoes!!

    1. Hi Jess!! Thank you! I am going to try to get a few in this year! Right now, I’m looking at a few small ones out of state
      in the late May June timeframe. I don’t want to pick a show for real until I see how I lean on flex dieting. I rushed my prep last time.
      There’s lots of good ones though! So hard to choose!!!

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