Mastering the IIFYM Flex Bowl

This flex bowl fits someone's macros.
This flex bowl fits SOMEONE’S  macros.

If you are a Flex girl you have heard the term Flex Bowl but may not know what it is .

With Flex dieting (#IIFYM) you may have dangling macros at the end of your day.
Flex bowls are creations that you can use to use up your leftover macros.

One of my clients told me that she had leftover macros that she needed to hit but didn’t know
what to eat so she just went to bed.  You  have to finish your macros but sometimes you may be
out of fats or have lots of carbs/fats left.  A flex bowl will save you because you can simply add
what you want to it and finish the day strong.

If you have leftover macros.. do not ask Facebook what to eat?
“I have 3 carbs, 20g fat and 16g protein left, and GO”. UGH

Flex Bowls are sometimes called “Pro-bowls”  because the base is usually protein.
I tend to enjoy sweet things so my flex bowls will begin with Fage Zero Greek Yogurt.

This is a good day! High carb days is awesome.
This is a good day! High carb days is awesome.

Here’s an example:
Macros I have left for the day:   20g P, 40 C  10 F

Base is 6 oz of Fage Zero fat greek yogurt   18P, 7C  0F

Remaining macros are 2gP, 13gC  10F
What I put into that is up to me.
1 cup of strawberry halves is 12 C
4 table spoons of real whip cream is 10g F.
Remaining macros are 1gC  2gP

I am ending my day within my +5/-5 goal.

You could also do
6 oz Fage Zero Fat Greek Yogurt 18gP, 7gC , 0gF.
Remaining macros are 2gP, 13gC  10F
1/2 cup Captain Crunch cereal  1gP, 13gC, 1gF
3 table spoons of real whip cream 7.5gF
Hit that almost perfectly.

Try again.

Base is 6 oz of Fage Zero fat greek yogurt   18P, 7C  0F
Remaining macros are 2gP, 13gC  10F
1 cup unsweetened almond milk  1gP, 1gC, 2.5gF
12g carbs remain as well as 7.5g fat.
Mix in 1/2 cup of frozen berries with 2.5 teaspoons of natural peanut butter.
Blend it up and eat it like ice cream.
Hit it almost to the exact number!

Last one:
Base is 4 oz of Fage Zero fat greek yogurt   13P, 4.5C  0F
Remaining macros are 7gP, 15.5gC  10F

1 .5 Reese peanut butter cups 3gP, 14gC, 7gF
Still finished within my +5/-5 for the day.

You do not. You may eat what you like. You must think like your flex bowl is a puzzle
and you should fill it with things you like. If you use sweet items that’s ok too as long as you hit your fiber each day.
Carbs are carbs so pick what you like.

What about Savory foods?  Can I start the day with a Flex Bowl?
Absolutely!  One of my amazing coaches also owns a restaurant here in St. Louis. She
loves more savory fare and creates morning flex bowls that begin with  eggs or egg whites. She then adds Fat Free cheese, refried beans, salsa or pico  and even guacamole.   If your base is protein, you are simply going to fill in the macros  with what you like in the amounts that fit. The flavor is up to you.

Other options might be a base of tuna or canned chicken.  Making a sweet batch  of chicken salad with FF mayo or even real, if it fits.  This is about YOU. Many Flexgirls use Protein powder with greek to amp the protein amounts if you
are having trouble reaching those numbers.

What if I just freaking want a flex bowl?
Add the exact ingredients you want to your tracker early in the day and make sure you eat around it.
Hit your macros and fiber! BOOM.  Who says you have to have turkey and rice for dinner?
My off season girls.. seriously.. Yum.

For more ideas, search Pinterest for #Flex Bowls
My board is here!

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