Do you even Fiber?

Yum.. fiberific!
Yum.. fiberific!

When I start a client on IIFYM, I have them track just what they normally eat for 3 days in a macro tracker.  Most every client is shocked and amazed that they get next to no fiber in their diet.

Just to be thourough, I went back to all my diets from past coaches before IIFYM and calculated the macros. Even with my 5 cups of spinach and sweet potatoes I was eating.. I did not hit my fiber goals.

The world is a different place when you are eating fiber with all that protein.
I’m a professional at getting my fiber in by lunch time.

I am in prep now but I’m far off from my show. 21 weeks is still long enough to keep my Questies.  I  don’t ‘need’ them to hit my fiber but it’s just bonus
if I want one, I eat it.

This graphic is from and is my food so far. Click on it so you can see it bigger! Oh my fiber goal is 31-37g per day.  I’m at 55g.

I had frozen yogurt yesterday. I'm keeping it tight today.
I had frozen yogurt yesterday. I’m keeping it tight today.

My breakfast is actually a pancake.  The almond milk was in my coffee.
Pancake batter
40g oat bran
1 whole egg
3 egg whites
1 tablespoon (13g) chia
Stevia to taste

Snacks has a Questie and a yogurt shake
1 cup fage1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)

I had 3 cups of broccoli (as I do each day) but you can see that
even with out the Quest bar, I would have hit my fiber early.

The amounts of different foods for me thus far today is 14.  Remember, it’s sports nutrition 101 to have at least 35 different foods per 7 days.

Because I’m very balanced in my foods, I could feasibly eat some ‘fun’ foods to fill out my macros.

I am cutting now at 1 pound a week, and I am keeping it to 90/10. Ninety percent of what I eat is whole foods over the course of the week.

For my best fiber choices,
All Bran
Uncle Sam’s cereal
Flat out wraps
psyllium husks
dark berries

Hey.. here’s my other blog post on fiber

How do you fiber?

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