Friday Strategies to Avoid Weekend Binges

Today sets the pace for your long term success!
Today sets the pace for your long term success!

It’s Friday and you have done great all week!  Today is the day to set your plan for the weekend.
I know many clients tell me they do great during the work week but find themselves straying from their macros or all out binge eating/drinking on the weekend.  You must NOT continue to do this!!

Our bodies can store an unlimited amount of fat. If you are on pointe during the week, you need to continue that without fail on the weekend.  This is when motivation steps aside and discipline needs to be front and centered.

Let me tell you.. if you are cutting (active fat loss) YOU MUST end up your week in a caloric deficit.  If you have done well all week but eat enough over the weekend to put you in surplus, you are going to be bummed!  You are also going to be bloated and inflamed and you could look up to 10 pounds heavier from a binge!

Many clients who are NOT seeing results are faithful to their food plans but derail every weekend. It’s a continual hamster wheel of frustration, and it’s real. Every macro matters.

You can begin your weekend with abandon and end it with remorse.  Monday morning comes and your check in is not what you wanted. This leads to negative self talk and over training to try to ‘make up’ for what you have done.

This weekend you put a plan in place. You know what your events are, right now!  Sit down and create and actual plan if you are concerned you might derail.

Lifestyle clients and Flex competitors alike can be successful IF you have a plan.
Leave NOTHING to chance!
Monday morning you will wake up feeling successful and proud.
You can do this!


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