February No scale challenge update

Lil Bub tank for inspurration
Lil Bub tank for inspurration

So I weighed on January 31 even though I said I wouldn’t. I’m still at 152.

Rob said “Oh, I guess it’s not February yet.”.
See.. this is a struggle because I grew up looking at the scale, just like YOU.

OK… so day 3. No weigh in that’s great.

Dirty it up
Saturday night we had some ‘dirty’ food at the diner. I had a Cuban Sandwich and fries. I knew I was  going to have a bad ass leg day on Sunday morning. I crushed it! I felt awesome, awesome.

Hit my macros Sun, Mon, Tuesday and today I feel like I look pretty good. Yesterday, hugely bloated and inflamed!
I’m 20 weeks from my first show and today I actually feel like my macros are working on my behalf.

I’m still *trying* to lean out as much as I can without cutting food or adding hours of cardio.

Changes I made this week. I added one interval on the step mill. I got a new Polar monitor that works with my phone. My Fit Bit Charge HR  went back to BestBuy because the heart rate monitor was NOT accurate. SCIENCE here!
I need correct info!!

red zone.. NOOOO
red zone.. NOOOO

I haven’t done true heart rate training for months and my intervals were terrible. I couldn’t get my pulse to drop into my second zone.
I had to stop the machine to get it to drop down at all.  For my age,159bpm  is like near cranial explosion.

With my new monitor, I can see  my calories burned might allow me some extra food. I’m going to give it another 2 weeks and see how I’m looking.

Lifting 6 days a week, 1 plyo and 2 HIITs (15-20 min).
Macros: about 1900 calories.  200C 145P F 59

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