Talk me down: Trusting the process except when I don’t

so that means..
This is  as real as it gets!
I’m not so different than most of my clients. I like instant gratification. I spent most of my life searching for the new
diet to solve my problems. I grew up with a mother who weighed every day and celebrated the end of  our numerous diets with cake. (She did.. I’m not mad at her.. I like cake). Learning a new lifestyle is hard!

I take on clients who are like me, because I understand.  We are smart women and we try to be logical because of the science but sometimes it is so hard  ‘trust the process’.

What does that even mean?
Fat loss by eating food and training hard to create a body that is both healthy, and esthetically pleasing to us, is not the same as watching the scale numbers plummet because you malnourish yourself.

Let’s face it,  our nation is fat.  Diets don’t work. We are knee deep in ‘fat acceptance’ campaigns and yet, everyone is looking for quick, permanent weight loss.  We have gained and lost so many times that we have set up automatic emotional responses based on scale numbers!

More truth
 process is not A to B. It’s not linear. It’s not happening overnight. It’s not. It’s just NOT.

I love the idea that people devote  4 years to get a degree to better their life. They will put their all into that but when you ask them to dedicate more than 3 months to a fitness program, it’s not fast enough to undo years of unhealthy habits.  They want thin thighs now. I do too. See what I’m saying?

The process
…We must to eat to get lean.  We will need to make sure we are fueling so our body knows we are no longer starving. We will eat to build sexy, lean muscle so we may be lean and tight and healthy But yet…

Eating is hard?
It’s not hard. Your body wants fuel. If you snack on candy for the first 5 hours sitting at  your desk,  you are going to be  hungry.  You have provided your body with no fuel. But sitting down to eat 25 grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein for some reason is unmanageable.  It’s  “too much food”.  Real food is satisfying. It makes you full. You must eat and you must accept that this is what you are doing now!

My client trusts me! She lost around 10-12 pounds. :)
My client trusts me! She lost around 10-12 pounds. 🙂
One of my lovely clients let me share her progress pics. This is not quite 4 months and she has lost a 10-or so pounds.
We aren’t weighing right now. She is in smaller clothes and rocking her favorite jeans she hadn’t been in for years.
I gave her more food recently and she got smaller still. She has been consistent on her food and workouts.
This is a real trust the process success story.  She now lifts heavier weights than I can.  She is coming in leaner
and tighter each check in.

Here’s is an update!

Size 8!


But the scale….
My client lost weight but she looks like she lost so much more than she did!  So let’s take that out of the mixture and focus on the work.
Embrace it.

Non scale successes are abundant when you trust the process. Being smaller, tighter, leaner will happen because SCIENCE!
Strength gains, more confidence, better health, less medication, better sleep, stress release, wow!

My clothes are too big but my inches aren’t changing!
Something inside of us seems to want to seek out the negative.
Last year, had a client who trained with me for 3 months. She lost a little weight but when we measured her hips they had stayed at 36 inches!  She was furious!  I asked her about her clothes and she said “I’m down 3 sizes but these inches are unacceptable.”.  We took pics side by side and discovered that she had gone from a flatty patty booty to a popped out booty  with narrow hips.   Three sizes down but yet.. her measurements  were the only thing she focused on.

We do not gain muscle at the same rate we lean out. Sometimes, it’s two steps forward and 1 step back. Sometimes things shift . Sometimes, life makes us puffy. Sometimes our bodies hold and hold and hold and then we whoosh! Sometimes, we have to look beyond numbers and get a bigger picture of progress and success.  Focus on the things that are changing and not the things that aren’t.

So today..Remind yourself  as you hide your scale that your dedication to your overall  well being, will give you what you want. We must put panic, negative thoughts aside and bring our best every day because while we struggle to ‘trust the process’ sometimes, we  could possible enjoy it.

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