Glute glute glutes!

It’s glute day!!   So let’s talk about all the things that we want in our glutes! Well.. we want them to be lifted!  Nice and round like a peach!

No saggy baggy diaper booties!  No flatty patty secretary bum!

I am all about finding the best ways to train the glutes  for the best results!  I love this variation of the thruster/bridge.

I started with a bosu and a box for my shoulders.  Place your foot right in the center of the ball and stay in your heel!
As you lift up, squeeze like you are holding on to the winning lottery ticket!  Keep pressing!

I added Batteman into this mix and combined it with the thrust.  Batteman is one of my secret weapons! It’s from ballet and I use it so often to create a beautiful back of the leg. Think of a “Rockettes” kick.  Aim for your forehead, even if you can’t reach it!  As you kick, keep your core from wibble wobbling!

The burn out is a crossed leg until you bleed from your eyeballs!


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