Code Pink: Hormones, the scale and Progress

Code pink is a cue for all men to leave the building. Girlie stuff in progress!

February no scale challenge is full on!
No one is on the scale.. we are all flying free from that albatross.
Then comes the questions no one speaks of.. the hormone factors with cutting and progress. What if my measurements/pictures stink?

Did I get heavier, more body fat?  Is it real fat?

We all know the gravity of the situation. I will engage you with some humor from Jess, on the New Girl.


Hormones just get in the way of cutting!   Endless hunger for comfort foods, it’s just a pain in the ass.

So let’s just address it and move on.  It happens.  No one is perfect and no diet is perfect.  The Miss Picky trainer in me will tell you to problem solve the cravings you are having .  But I’m just saying, if you are craving salt, Quest chips probably aren’t going to cut it.
I hope they do….

If you are on prep, it has to.  You have no choice because that’s the choice you made to get to stage.  You and I both know, prep is no time for emotional binges. We have to push through.

When you are trying to track your progress though and your cycle is
involved, you can gain up to 6 pounds of water! I’ve seen it.
Bloating is the worst.  The closer I get to stage, everything bloats me.  I drink over a gallon of water a day and still I’m puffy.

Water pills/diuretics
I take an occasional Water-ex (GNC) when I’m super puffy.
I do not recommend a steady diet of water pills though. I don’t think that’s healthy at all!

Hard core diuretics for stage
Let me share this with you.  My last coach had me use
X-pel before my show. I did 5 days on it, 2 days off then a few days on it  in my peak week. I think it made me look awful!  I could see more cellulite and I just looked ‘dry’.   I did NOT like that.

Winston got PMS too!
Winston got PMS too!

Lifestyle and bloating.
If you are turning in pics and you know you are bloated, do not let it get to you.  My pics this week were just ok.  I could really see I was super puffy.  The 15 cups of skinny pop I had (on my macros) had me holding water like crazy.   Hormonal changes can spike the scale and even your measurements.

It is really important to look at the big picture of your progress .
Take pictures in another week and see the difference when hormones aren’t disrupting your selfies.


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