IIFYM: Calculating percentages in your tracker


Calm down, Richard.  It’s going to be ok!

You have your macros all worked out, you’re feeling good until you attempt to put them into you
macro tracker.

Some of the trackers have the ability to actually put the grams of each macronutrient you are tracking, but if you are using MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal, you will see it’s all about percentages.

When I set up my plan on MyNetDiary, I usually sit and slide those slider things for 10 minutes before I get as close as I can to my actual macros.  Love the program/tracker. Hate math.

How to figure your percentages:
We will use these macros
Calories around 1850
Fat per day: 58g
Carbs per day: 202g
Protein per day: 131g

Fiber per day:29-36g  **

Math is hard
Math is hard

Begin with Fats: Take your grams multiplied by 9 (calories per gram)
58g  fat  x 9 calories= 522 calories
522 cal/1850 total calories=28%
202g carbs   x 4 calories =  808
Protein :
131 g protein x 4 calories = 524 calories

The three percentages will equal 100%.


Begin in “MY PLAN” by ignoring the ‘guided’ or “Auto Pilot” function. If you think that because
your tracker said you should eat 1127 calories a day that your macros are wrong..
Remember that these trackers want you to add your exercise in so you will get more calories
added in your daily totals based on your activity.  Your activity has been added already
in your  macro calculations.

Do not click “auto pilot” to Target  Weight.

Hey! The macros aren’t exactly exact!
Since  you probably had to round up or d down with your
math equations, just get close.

*Fiber doesn’t need any math. Just eat it.

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