17 weeks out: prep update

Exactly 2 years apart to the day.
Exactly 2 years apart to the day.

First of all: I highly doubt anyone is remotely interested in this but I’m blogging my experience to help me learn.

Positives: I have not been on the scale since Jan. 31. I have no idea if I’ve lost an ounce or gained 5 pounds.
Positive: Some Lulu pants I got in Vegas are too big for me today.. I’m back in my “show season pants” size 6.
Positives: I feel great. Still on 1853 calories a day. I’ve gone over so I’m more like 2000 on some days.

Macros are : roughly
1853 calories
F: 56g
C: 185-220g
Fiber always eat about 50g a day.

I have not had “sugar” in the form of cookies, treats or such since Jan 1.  Except for a few minor mistakes on reading labels.  I have come to terms  with not eating it.  I have also realized that sugar alcohols make me quite sick. So it, is what it is.  I’m better off.  I blew  macros one day when I ate  4 Questies.  This  S’mores one is off my plan.

I can't even
I can’t even

Nobody’s  perfect

This last week, I did not feel like I did very well.  I had a sushi dinner and ate a little off the buffet. I did that on my long day when I usually burn an extra 1000 calories just in my work.  I wish I wouldn’t have done that.  I  didn’t  binge but  my head was a mess. I told myself to let it go!

I’m actually still 5 weeks from my 12 week prep so I am resisting every urge to go full on stripped out carbs and no real life food.   I need to stay the course and continue this steady, slow lean out.

I have 3 shows within a month and my goal is to feel good enough to do all three.  If I start cutting fast now, I’m worried about stalls. So I’ll press on as planned. I’m progressing so it is anti-plan to cut everything before I need to.

Sweet potatoes are back in my rotation.

Workouts this  week felt off. I got everything in, just felt scattered.  I have three 15 minute hiits now, 5 lifting days, 2 pilates workouts.

This  week I’m all prepared. My gym plans are made and menus are done. Fired up!

Mind blowing:
I  went to Club Fitness on Hampton today so I could shoot my progress pic to match the one from 2 years ago.
I haven’t been there for  almost  a year.  I freaked out because the same 5 people were on the cardio equipment that are always there.  I wanted to say to them,  “You look exactly the same.”  So happy I found my way back to body building.

Hope you have your plan set up for a great week!   Thirteen weeks until the pool opens!

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