16 weeks out

Yeah, this is happening.
Yeah, this is happening.


My February went well. I didn’t mess up. I felt great. I took some pics yesterday and got on the scale.  Alas, I did not like the results. I have stalled.   I have decided to do a 16 week prep.  So it starts tomorrow.

Rob is in the kitchen prepping my food for the week.  Smells like
turkey burgers!!   I’m putting them into little containers and we’ll
be ready to go!

I got this little gram scale for my gymbag/purse. It is more accurate than my kitchen scale. It set me back only 8 bucks on amazon.  Get two.

IIFYM. This one is tight.
IIFYM. This one is tight.

I adjusted my macros only slightly to see if I can get some things moving. I’m not adding more cardio, yet.   I’m out of the 200 club for carbs right now.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m not pulling down fats this far out.  I’m hopeful that this minor adjustment will do the trick.


Oh, I ordered this Urban Rebounder!  Everyone has seen that
Trampoline class video that is on FB every day.  I’m going to use this for my plyo and leg workout. I’m a hot mess on my plyo.

I can’t wait to use this thing.



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