IIFYM: I can’t eat all this food


Are you  struggling to eat all the food that you have on your macros?

Some of my clients complain that they can’t eat all the food. While they have previously told me they have no issue binge eating on the weekends or go overboard on candy or treats. Yes.. there is some truth to the struggle to eat nutrient dense food. It does fill you up!

Also.. Many of my clients were used to eating very little food!
Low carb, no carb, zero fat, no protein  diets are common so when you now have to eat more food than you are used to, #TheStruggleIsReal.

One thing to consider is that once you start IIFYM and eating on your proper macros, your body will adjust.  You may realize after a while that you are hungry on those macros!

It might take a bit for you to get your macro nutrients up to where they need to be. That’s ok! Don’t give up.

Why you should eat all your food.
The answer is simple. Your body needs fuel. If you are cutting out macronutrients like fats, carbs or protein you are starving your body.

If you stop starving your body, you will then begin to see your physique change and you will let go of that stubborn body fat.
You will also see an amazing transformation if you give it the time and are consistent.  Tell yourself you can do it!


But it’s so much! I can’t eat it.

Eddie knows, you need to eat.
Eddie knows, you need to eat.

Secret 1:
If you are on IIFYM/Flex and feel  you have lots and lots of food to eat, you can eat more Caloric Dense foods.

Let’s begin with the difference between Caloric Dense foods and
Volume foods.

Caloric Dense foods are food that provide lots of macros for a little bit of food. Girls who need to eat  more macros for can use these.  (formally known as Nutrient Dense)

Volume foods are foods that offer a lot of food but take very little of your macros. Girls who are ‘cutting’ and have poverty (very little) macros to work with love volume foods.

Example of the difference between the two.
Let’s say you have a certain amount of money to spend and you want to shop.

If you shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, you will probably purchase something small and it will cost you more of your allotted spending limit.   This is your Caloric/Nutrient Dense food.

Volume foods are like shopping at the dollar store. You can get lots of things for your allotted spending limit.

So let’s say that you consistently have 60  carbs left over each day, you could add a Caloric/Nutrient  Dense food like Quinoa to your meals.
Quinoa is a very carb rich food. You can eat very little of it and
up your carbs quickly.
250g of cooked quinoa is about 1.5 cups.
I used CalorieKing.com to calculate these macros.
This cooked quinoa has over 50g carbs!

On the other hand, eating zero calorie/zero carb pasta
(a volume food) would not further your goal to reach your carb macros.  You’ll be eating for days!!

Other Caloric/ nutrient dense foods to help you hit your macros are
Legumes (beans)
Lentils (is that a legume?)
Nuts (fats)
Fruits (grapes.. eat 3 and look at the carbs!)
Olive oil (fats)
Full dairy  protein, fats
When you read your labels, look for higher macros in a smaller serving to help you hit your numbers.

You can also investigate the fantastic flex bowl!  Have you seen this yet? It’s my favorite way to get those extra macros in. click here for that post

If you are cutting and want to know about Volume foods you can read about them here!


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