Smart girls guide to using Macro counting during Bro prep

Yep.. I get you Biebs.
Yep.. I get you Biebs.

“My coach gave me egg whites and oatmeal every day for breakfast. I’m gagging
I can’t eat this. What should I do?”- posted every single day on Facebook.
Every single DAY!

Let’s say you decide to compete.
You hired a coach and got a written meal plan, you are set to go.
Here is a  meal plan we can work with.
If your next 12 weeks looks anything like this, whew…

Before I get further..remember..
I competed bro  and my coaches competed bro.

This is very similar to the menu my bodybuilding coach gave me in 1986.

I remember being in the mall starving and calling a team mate.
I asked her if she thought I could eat a Quest bar and she said
“if there’s nothing else.”  It didn’t occur to swap the Questie for something else on the list.   I didn’t die, no one lost a limb and I placed second in that show.  Just sayin. I was stressed OUT
for nothing.

Food is food.  All food has macros.  ALL food.
Protein: 4 calories per gram
Carbs: 4 calories per gram
Fats: 9 calories per gram
There is no magic food.

I’m not going to get  all judgey on the meal plan above because someone paid a ton of money to eat this exact meal plan 12 weeks.
But we can decode it and see what we are looking at.

I threw this menu into my tracker and here’s’ what we got.

I took liberties here because the plan was pretty vague.  Veggies could be anything, Protein powder macros are different based on brands.  Nutrition bars are all over the spectrum.  So here are the macros of the menu above as I would assume it would be from this coach.

Total calories: 1271
Fat: 27g (20%)
Carbs: 84g (27%)
Protein: 165 (53%)
Fiber: 11g

Let’s redo it: switched to turkey and veggies plus a quest bar.
Total calories: 1421
Fat: 34g (21%)
Carbs: 126g (35%)
Protein: 165 (44%)
Fiber: 33g (with quest bar yeah)

So as written this menu is pretty all over the place .  If this client had verbal marching orders that she was only to eat green beans and ON whey, and Quest bars we’d have a better idea.

For the girls who “gag on egg whites”.
This is the macros for the normal Bro breakfast and my reboot IIFYM Style

This is MY Flex breakfast.
It’s a protein pancake with
.5 cup egg whites
.25 scoop whey protein
20g oat bran (or 40g quick dry oats)
12g chia seeds

Blend it in your ninja and make a pancake.
Top it with
90g Light and Fit greek yogurt
1/4 cup IHOP Sugar free pancake syrup.

You could swap out the oats for 40g banana if you want to go crazy but if you are so married to the magic of still have your basic components .

OMG.. what about the egg yolk.that’s 3g more fat. Well. honey.. I added the chia and it’s pretty fantastic on the spectrum of super food EFA.. My guess is you aren’t getting any more fat for the rest of the day so if you need to.. Just dump your dry oats, egg , egg whites in in the ninja with some stevia and make a pancake.  Stop eating food you hate.

Mine has more fiber.  I can do this exact thing with every meal on this page and get the same numbers but not have to gag like a 3 year old, because I’m not a 3 year old. See…

Moving on
If you are switching  from your menu to IIFYM  remember

Smart baby. All foods have macros.
Smart baby. All foods have macros.

On this menu, this is what you are working with.
You are in poverty macros for sure, but you can do it.

Total calories: 1271
Fat: 27g (20%)
Carbs: 84g (27%)
Protein: 165 (53%)
Fiber: 11g

Your job now is to fill in the day with as much food as you can (volume foods) to hit those macros. Remember this from above??

Protein:4 calories per gram
Carbs: 4 calories per gram
Fats: 9 calories per gram

I’m not going to do your menu for you on this blog post because your job is to eat what you like. If you are in prep, you can’t make mistakes with learning Flex.  It’s go time.  If you stick to the plan as is, but want to swap out another protein source, just make sure you
hit those numbers all the numbers.   I don’t even trust using scoops or measures.  That’s sloppy.  You can weigh your food in grams so you can be accurate.

I don’t advocate going behind a coaches back, because I personally will not co-coach. I work with my clients so their coaching experience is about them.They can come to me if they are struggling. I know many coaches work differently.  I just coach the way I would like to be treated.   That’s my disclaimer here.  If you can talk to your coach and get numbers from them.. that’s even better. but, if you are prepping bro, and you are dying, you have options.

Do you need help with IIFYM?

2 thoughts on “Smart girls guide to using Macro counting during Bro prep

  1. My trainer has put me on 1800 calorie diet. 3 low carb, 2 high carb, 1medium carb days. I’m 5ft 9 and when I begun I weighed 142 pounds. I meet my macros pretty accurately with maybe 5-10g less than the target. Do you think this is a good way to lose the body fat. I want to get lean. Currently doing 2 lower body, 2 upper body sessions a week.

    1. Hi!! Hmmm.. I think that’s a lot of cycling! I don’t typically put my clients on so many
      different days of carbs. I have found that cycling doesn’t ‘have’ to be super complicated.
      Even when I was prepping for a show and leaning hard core, I added a bit of carbs on my leg day.
      I carb cycle with my total number of carbs for the week and just make sure that I hit them.
      Some days I need more so I eat more. I’ve had clients be very successful with that so they can judge themselves.
      Just making sure that if I have 200 carbs a day, I have eaten 1400 by weeks end. That is one way.
      Not saying your trainer is wrong. If you are leaning… I do the “if it ain’t broke” school of thought. 🙂

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