Suspension Training ab blast

I’m 14 weeks out from my show. I did a 30 minute plyo series followed by an intense pilates spring board workout. Then some ab finishers.

The RIP60
The RIP60 is basically an amped up TRX.
I’m pretty Meh on suspension training because I’m really into iron.
I cannot deny the core benefits though. It is a great tool.

The above video series is one I haven’t done for  a long time.
I did a full plank version of knee tucks and pikes and the elbow version.  This was my finisher for the day. I was cooked.

My heart belongs to springs!
I’m focusing on  the springs to bring my legs in tighter. It’s working. I’m down  1.5 inches in my waist and 2 ” in my hips and 2″ in my abs.

Ahh.. core
Ahh.. core

I am not doing the usual “meat head core” work .  No offense to meat heads.  I’m only doing pilates and suspension training abs.  My abs are like rocks. I never do ‘traditional’ abs.  I hate ab workouts. I do pilates on the springs and when I’m lean (obviously) I love the way they look.  I’ve done  pilates for about 8 years but the springs are the hardest workout I’ve ever done for core.  Just to note, I’m not interested in abs that look like fun sized candy bars. I’m about a pretty, bikini belly so hold your hate mail!  This totally works for me.


love these!
love these!

I’m the only studio in St. Louis with the spring boards. They are
so intense. My clients love them. I use them to train my brides too.
All the youtubers on springs do super slow, workout on it, my team cranks it hard. We did 400 calories burned in 40 minutes today.

I’ve been working more in my studio so I have less time in the actual gym. I get there roughly 3x a week. The rest I do with my team. I’m feeling really lucky to have great girls to train with. They really know how to push.
This was was how my morning ended up.

Push hard today!

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