Volume food ideas for poverty macros


I got home from working at the studio and found this bounty of food. The hubs was on it.
I was back in Monkey Macros yesterday and had very little carbs left.

He went with asparagus/mushrooms and garlic for my green veggies.
The Cabbage dish has broccoli, sweet peppers and a very Asian flavored spices.
My favorite was the Miracle noodles with mushrooms and tomatoes.

I put garlic salt on that and ate it up.  With having very little carbs left I was able to fill up on these foods and didn’t blow my macros.  I had already used my protein for the day so no chicken was added to these dishes.

Talking to my Sleekers, we chatted about miracle noodles.  Our client, Jackie was spot on when she said, items like Miracle noodles are  food vehicles.  You can create any flavor you want and feel satisfied.
They are zero carb, zero fat so you can feel ok about having more food.

I’m very lucky that Rob is so good at creating food for my prep.  This year it’s not going to be all baked kale and salad spinach!

Are you finding ways to stretch your cutting macros?

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