Breakfast for dinner: in prep


I just saw on the competitor board..

“How can I make sweet potatoes taste good. I hate them”

First of all stop eating things you don’t like. Sweet potatoes aren’t magic.  I always thought they were. But as it turns out.. not so much.  Carbs are carbs.  If you like sweet potatoes and you are prepping.. by all means enjoy.

If your coach tells you to only eat sweet potatoes then show them this

Last night, the Mister created my ‘breakfast for dinner’ in prep extravaganza.  He made me 1 Banana Bread Egg Mc Muffin, but as it turned out… OMG.. I had room in my macros for TWO!

Lort have mercy!  Breakfast for dinner, in prep.

I had already eaten my chicken, my fiber and my veggies for the day.  If it fits it fits.

Thomas Banana Bread English Muffins
Fat free cheese (WW)
97 % Fat Free Ham
2 whole eggs
Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Maple syrup

Macros for 2 were

You could do just 1 for

Fat: 9.5g
P: 30g
C: 37
Fiber 1

Tonight, I’m having this again, only 1 though. I added it in to my tracker early in the day and will fill in my macros/foods around this meal so I can enjoy it.

I’m going to use egg whites only and a lighter multi grain English muffin.
Making that fit!  I like having options but still enjoying what I want to eat.

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