Prepping Not Starving: Banana Pancakes


Being in prep is tough. Cutting isn’t fun. I forget how much I like all the eating of ‘grow season’.

Once I begin prep.. “oh hey…I remember you”.  HUNGRY.

I realize, that sometimes I’m going to be hungry. I sure was in my last preps with bro food.  That food did not fill me up.

On a lovely side note:  One of my dear clients told me that last year at this time (prep) I was super crabby but this year I’m much more chill.  Ah… that makes sense, when you have some good food!

Poverty macros : when you have very little macros to work with.
You are going to have to stretch your food out. It can be done.

In my new series Prepping, not Starving, I’m going to share how I am going to stretch my macros as far as I can so you can see, you aren’t left with zero options just because you want to get to the stage.

The above pancake recipe might not classify as a volume food but it’s a pretty substantial meal for me and keeps me full for a few hours.

Because I am following a nutrition based IIFYM plan this prep, I’m going to use fruit.  My last two preps had just a tiny bit of blue berries until those went away.  Fruit is pretty much banned on bro plans.

This pancake is fantastic because it’s fluffy and delicious.

Secret to success:
Don’t be the girl who eyeballs her food. Don’t use measuring spoons or cups.  That’s lazy and sloppy.  Use your scale every time you do your food.  Leave nothing to chance!

Banana Pancake
For this recipe I used
Pourable egg whites 125g
Banana: 56g (that’s half a banana .. be sure you weigh it!!)
Quick oats:  dry 15g
Chia seeds 10g

I used my Ninja Blender to blend then cooked it using cooking spray in my pan.

The banana is new to me this prep and I am excited to have it! A plain pancake with just egg whites and oats is a snooze fest and the texture is pretty dismal and flat.

The good thing is I can control my  macros by adding or subtracting more of the ingredients if need be.

I have a very tough morning schedule and burn over 1300 calories from just training clients and lifting. I need a majority of my carbs to be substantial enough to have the energy to work.  I made two of these pancakes for my M1 and M2 today.

I have lots of macros to work with still today because I didn’t blow my macros out of the water at 4:30am.

Note: The fats on this are a tad low.  I sometimes end up with some extra fats dangling at the end of the day. I could have added a little bit of nut butter, or even 10g walnut for two pancakes.  It would only add
Calories:  32.5
Fat: 3.25g
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 1g
Fiber: .5

My goal is to keep my fats per meal, below 10g if I’m going to be training.  Too much fats in my meals around my workouts, slows me down.
Just a little bit of walnuts could really amp that pancake up to IHOP status!

Happy Prepping!


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