Prepping Not Starving: Birthday Cake Shake


My dear friend, Melissa came to pilates today and we were talking about this insanity from Starbucks: The Birthday Cake Shake.

She sent me this pic in a text !

There is just no way I can make this work for me right now.
So I put together a Tracy version of this. I have not tasted it so I’m sure mine is off but here’s how mine went.


Wheybolic 60 Strawberry  20g
Muscle Pharm Birthday Cake whey protein (OMG) 20g
Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 cup
Frozen strawberries 100 g

Sprinkles: (I took the hit)
We used the Ninja Blender  and some ice!

Next time, I might try some SF or FF cool whip If it fits.

Happy Prepping

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