Weight training , IIFYM Basics You Need to Know


I will give you some simple short cuts to knowing how to get the physique you want.

Stop making your ‘flaws’ personal.
This is , straight up, a problem solving situation. No hand holding necessary.
If you are unhappy with your health, physique you can change your attitude and fix it.
If your sink is leaky, you don’t make excuses, you problem solve it. Call a plumber.
You need to stop saying “I can’t” because you most certainly  can.
All food has macronutrients. Your bodies count them whether you do or not.
If you are fluffy, you have eaten in a surplus of calories for what your body needs.
Saying “this macro things doesn’t work” is silly.  Every diet, from Dr. Oz to HGH can be broken down to macros.

The goal of Flexible dieting is to help you get the body you want but not limiting it to one type of food. You don’t need to.You need to eat the ‘right’ amount of foods for your physique goals. That include fiber, because well rounded, healthy meal plans have nutrition based requirements.

Sports nutrition 101 tells us we need to eat a variety of food. If you pull out whole food groups you’ll be left with a WHOLE lot of nothing to eat. Let’s eat some fruit and get on with our life.

Meal plans that are restrictive will cause rebound effect in 80 percent of people!  Low carbing for quick results are fast tracks to rebound weight gain and potential to mess up your metabolism.  So stop looking for a quick fix and actually fix it.  Scotch taping your leaky faucet is dumb. You would never do that. Fix what is wrong!

SUCCESS TIP:  To win at fat loss.. your plan has to be sustainable. Consistency wins over perfection so eat well and stay on your plan. Winner!

You can eat what you want, but you don’t have to eat everything.
My lovely client, Carolyn shared that she feels better on lower gluten foods. There is no law that says she ‘has to eat’ gluten rich foods. We can learn our bodies and how they react to certain foods. I have issue with some refined sugars so I stay clear.

Cutting: Active fat loss.  We will give you a safe caloric deficit. That is how you lose fat.  I dislike cutting. Just sayin…

Bulking: Caloric surplus for adding muscle/strength. Eat and grow! Love those personal records on lifts because we are eating some good food! Gains baby!
I have clients bulking an gaining great muscle but they are NOT super fluffy.
Bulking and binge eating are not the same. Lean Bulks are controlled.

Adding muscle and losing body fat are two different things.
New lifters can see some gains but after a while you have to earn those gains by fueling.

Stop running back to your old janky boyfriend, Cardio because you think it’s going to solve your weight problem.
Co-dependant cardio girlfriend syndrome
deserves it’s own blog post. Long duration cardio eats your muscle. Lift weights, that burns fat and calories. Get a heart rate monitor so you can believe it.
Have you ever deadlifted? I burn more calories and fat than an hour on the elliptical.
If you spend the time getting your food right, then lifting heavy weights you can add a few short HIIT workouts in each week and get amazing results.  You do not need a support group, you need to move forward because Science. If something wasn’t working before, why do you think it will now? It’s the food. THE FOOD!



Muscles need stimulation to grow. Lifting weights provides stimulation.
You need to eat to get dem booty gains. EAT. Lift heavy weights
so your muscles will grow and get stronger.
Muscle  is the fountain of youth!

Muscle does not weigh more than fat.
Muscle is smaller, tighter, sexier and you can eat more when you have lots!

You won’t”look like a man” if you lift.

Looks like a man.. right?
Looks like a man.. right?

Any other questions?

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