Mom rocks bikini competition

NPC Midwest, St. Louis Mo. 1st time competitor Jax rocks the stage!
My client, Jax competed in her first show this past weekend.
She brought an amazing package to the stage.
NPC Midwest is  a huge show!
Jax got second call outs!
I want to give her so much credit because has come so far!
Jax is a VERY busy mom of two gorgeous little girls. She works long hours at her job and
sneaks to the gym 6x a week at 4am to train. She never let any excuses derail her.
Her goals were set and she brought her absolute best. I am so proud to be her coach!

We do Flex, IIFYM and she spent every week up until 3 weeks out at over 400 g carbs per day.
We did no cardio until 2 weeks out when  I gave her plyo .
Her peak week  was 230g carbs per day. No depletion, no water loading nothing different than
we normally did.  She posted this early in the morning,  the day of show.

IIFYM works!
jax3 jax4
I am so proud of Jax! We are pushing on to a late summer show!

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