10 weeks : Dirty 30 workout

I’m 10 weeks out. I’m feeling freaking awesome. I was sick one day last week but got back to it.
My workouts are pretty rough now. I’m switching gears. This workout was called Dirty 30.

Yeah. my video is 90 seconds long but I want you to see my heart rate at the end.
Cardio on the treadmill..? Naw.. Not today.

Track today was really good.
We hit Bishop Dubourg for some 50’s, 100’s and 200’s. Since it was my first time out, I went
in just hoping I didn’t die. Well. we did 40 minutes. I used my heart rate monitor and hit sprints, jogs
in all three zones. Creatine saved me this year!   Creatine works on blasts from 30-60 seconds.
The sprints weren’t bad at all. We went straight to the gym.
I’m kind of weirded out, that I seem to be the only bikini girl on the FB groups who does track.
No one knew what I was talking about.  I do it for 10 weeks 1x per week. It helps me get my thunder
under control. That’s where I’m holding on to fat!  Upper.. coming in BAM!

The squat racks were full so I had to make due with the loaded bars. It was fine. I’ll live.
5 rounds of 30 reps.

10 DEADS110#
Rest until heart rate is back to zone 1.

Halfway through the series, I switched the weights  to light deads and heavy squats .

My workout today had 3 different dirty thirty series.  1 hour was 789 calories burned in all three zones.


Plan your work. work your plan!

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