9 weeks out

I don’t filter my pictures either. This is real. 4 months from age 50.

My first show this summer is 9 weeks from now.  I have so much work to do but I’m tracking better than last year. I’m feeling great and so much better than prep last year. I’m still on  appx 180 C and I’m still leaning so I’m making subtle changes each week but not drastically reducing calories, nor am I going to drop below 20 percent fat .
Each week, I have 3x 15 minute hiits,1 plyo and  1 track workout.. I vary my style of hiit  though. Today I trained with my team. That killed me. Cardio is Hardio. I lift 5 days and do pilates springs 2-3 hours a week. Posing 2-3 hours a week. I teach lots of classes too so while I can hear people judging my progress . I should probably eat less!  I burn an enormous amount each day.  I am not about starving.

For me to pull this body fat off my lower body for stage, I am going to have to pummel it hard. It is what it is. I carry body fat right in my mid section. I’m using my trampoline a lot. I’m also using my spring boards more this year. That make a huge difference. I’m so lucky to have my own equipment.


My food is spot on. I enjoyed a little No Sugar Added frozen yogurt this weekend for my carb up. I carry my own scale with me.

I’m using muscle eggs, whey, meat, greek, and this year some dairy as protein sources. I try to get several sources each day. I have not resorted to fish yet. I hope I can do it without the fish furnace.

No sugary, treaty foods in my plan like Captain Crunch cereal. I switched those things out for zucchini and veggies.  My light and fit greek is yummo. I am in love with muscle eggs and Quest  is launching  chocolate mint bar this week. I do a Questie every few days. I’ve been eating lots of veggies and fruit too for fiber and carbs. Boring.. no. But not chicken wings and beer either. I’m very happy.  I feel healthy.

When the food is over.
don’t have a strategy for food like front loading or back loading or sideways loading. I’m not over thinking this right now. I fuel around my workouts as normal and when the food is done, it’s done.
I’m hungry.  Volume foods help but I’m always hungry in prep. I said it. I’m hungry in prep.
Sleep is  time machine until breakfast.

Lift heavy! Give 100 percent!

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