Power Pak Pudding for leaning


Prepping/cutting is tough enough without feeling like you are missing out on treats. I have seen this product around for years but it never occurred to me to check it out.  Well.. I’m all in. I purchased the pack of 4 small sized
Fit and Lean Vanilla Cream pudding cups.   They are
Serving size 1 cup
Fat: 2.5g
Protein: 15g
Carbs 4g

You can learn more about the product at this link on Body Building .com.

This product for sure is great for girls who are struggling to get more protein in. Many of my clients work hard to get their numbers up without going over in other macronutrients.  This product is solid. I got my pudding at GNC but Amazon has it too. I think most Supplement stores have it. Chocolate and Vanilla are your options!! Whoo hoo.

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