The “I don’t know what to say” salad


The beauty of Counting Macros/Flex/IIFYM is that you can eat what you like. No food is off limits.
However, not everyone can eat the same things. Your macros will deem how crazy you can go with your
super fun foods like treats. I had frozen yogurt dinner last week. 2x.

Quality food plays a part, I believe.  If I get in a rush, I can reach my macros easily with lots of processed foods including my fiber.  Two Quest bars a day will do that with no trouble. The last 2 weeks, I haven’t felt super awesome in my workouts
and it’s because I’ve let more sugar sneak in. It fits but I can tell the difference.

My experiment in this challenge is to try to eat more of my carbs from veggies.  I still do eat processed foods like “light and fit” greek yogurt and flat outs. I have cocoa nibs so I’m not feeling bro.  I just think my schedule has been an excuse to buy and eat more protein bars.   In any case..

The  super food salad.
I had to go to the fancy store to get the ingredients
140g fancy organic kale
136g carrots
150g shredded broccoli
10g walnuts

40g strawberries
F: 9g
P: 13g
Fiber 15g

It looks good on paper.  Two of these a day would meet my fiber and use of 80g C.
I will never be hungry, it’s a lot of chewing! I know my skin looks better when I eat veggies.

I’m going to have to experiment because…it tastes like Ass.  I said it.  face palm.
Maybe I can make it all ground like tabouli…

So round one.. goes to the salad.  I need to ponder this.

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