Prepping not starving: Super food Salad


If you saw my post yesterday, I had tried to create a tasty super food salad with Kale. It was pretty much a fail.
You can see the hot mess, here…

So I took the exact same ingredients but I  made some changes.

The  super food salad.
I had to go to the fancy store to get the ingredients
140g fancy organic kale
136g carrots
150g shredded broccoli
20g walnuts

150g strawberries
Macros for the whole bowl, which I ate up..

344 Calories
F: 16g
P: 15g
Fiber 19g

Wow.. ok., so this was better because I started with the broccoli and carrots in my kitchen ninja blender.
My ninja has the tall blade so it made it like tabouli.

I took the Kale and used the Ninja on it and it came out perfectly. Not juiced! I was worried.
That Kitchen ninja is a dream come true. It’s just $30 at Target! GET ONE.

Ok., I topped it with 150g strawberries and 20g of walnuts.  Yes. I added more, but I had room in my macros for it and it made a difference. I used strawberry vinaigrette.
This took less than 5 minutes to prepare!
I think I won this round with the salad, because it was awesome. The Kale flavor was masked and I got strawberry walnut in almost every bite.  I think it would be good with blueberries too.


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