Kale super salad super simple

Ok.. I’ve perfected this super salad !
Day 3 eating one of these a day. I feel awesome. My food is on point!
Here’s the salad and how you can do it quickly.
Start with this bag of Mann’s Brocolli and Carrots.
The Mann’s is already washed and ready to go.
Put it in the Ninja: This one has the tall blades! It’s going to make short work of these veggies.
Here it is.
Kale: I used 150g of Kale.  I had to do about 75g twice. Remember to pulse it with the ninja so it doesn’t turn into juice.I couldn’t get it to be any smaller than this before it got a little juicy.
Add it to your bowl
Mix it up!
Add Berries (150g of strawberries) or Blue berries?? Added 20g Walnuts!
And I topped it with this
If you are cutting and can use it.. it’s very good.  You can also use balsamic on it.

Macros for the whole salad!
If you want to eat less.. you can break it into servings for your 6 pak cooler!

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