Macro counting and social situations

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Macro counting is for people who have specific physique goals.
WOW.  Hear me out.  If you want to be leaner, you have a specific goal.
Now, it’s time to acknowledge that you have the magic at your fingertips. YOU
control how well you do. If you want to reach your goals, then you must consistently
count your macros. And that  means on the weekends and at social events.

You  could have just joined Jenny Craig..
But, you chose macro counting to get lean, so this doesn’t have to happen.
Saying “screw it” and eating whatever you want will continue to wreck your physique.
You will feel bloated-because you are.  You certainly won’t be happy when you check in with your coach.
You are reinforcing negative behaviors that probably got you to a point where you are now.

What do you want?
What do you want?

How to be successful.
First and foremost: Set a goal. If you don’t have one, get one and write it down! What are you aiming for ?
How about 1 pants size?  Write that down and eat according to that goal.

Flexible dieiting is great because you are not limited to turkey chicken, fish and lettuce!
But it’s not a free for all. You must reach your macros consistently +5/-5 each day.

***. You can eat foods you like so There is no need for binging.

2. It’s YOUR  job to plan your events. If you have a party to attend, hold back some carbs.
As long as your carbs equal the total amount you have for the week at the end of 7 days, you are good to go.

3. Having social situations is going to happen all year round. When is the best time to lean?  it’s right now, you made the decision to do it!
4. Finish your cut and reverse to maintenance macros so you can eat more food!

Social situations solved (good housekeeping circa 1972)
But I don’t know what they are going to have to eat there?
Eat before you go. Nibble. Don’t stand near the cheese table. Drink lots of water.  These things all still apply because you are trying to get lean.

We are going out to dinner but the macros aren’t online for this restaurant.
You can order off the menu.  Ask for the food you want and have it prepared as you want. Hold the bun, steamed veggies instead of fries, dressing on the side, no croutons?   These things all still apply.  You know what is in a burrito, you can use for ingredient macros.

Stragetgy: Bank some carbs and fats for the end of the day. Eat lighter in the earlier part of the day so you have macros for your event.

A word about cutting: 
Everyone wants to get lean, but some  forget that cutting is an uncomfortable situation.
To get lean,  you must be in a caloric deficit.  That means, you don’t get all the food you want. If you are currently overweight then you have been eating in a surplus of calories and now you have to stop doing that. By nature, this will be uncomfortable.
Beer, craft beers, ball game beer, float trips, all the beer, and Limaritas you would like to enjoy while on your cut are not going to fit in your macros for active fat loss.  So you are going to have to say no to them, while you are leaning.  If you are in a social situation and need to make alcohol fit, be sure you are tracking it correctly.  See this blog post.
Do not simply add it to your tracker or worse, NOT add anything. Be accountable.

This is Your project. Never use excuses to reason why you can’t get lean. Yes you can. This is your decision and
you can problem solve!

More  strategies here including how to do faux drinking!

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