Prep Updates 15 weeks

I’m 15 weeks from my show!  UFE new federation for me but I’m excited to do this one!
I’ve been slowly ramping up with a longer, slower cut.  I know I will bring my best package to the stage!

In January 2015, I started  working with my coach, Lisa Nobels from Perfect Posing by Lisa.
I’ve spent a lot more time on posing this year and I’m feeling really good.
Workouts are amped up. Typically, competitors might use the step mill and treadmill daily for cardio. This season, I was interested in seeing how my physique progressed by using other forms of metabolic work.
At 15 weeks, I have
1 plyo, agility day,
1 30 min kick boxing session,
1 cross training style workout and
1 track day.
Whew.. that’s a lot!  Plus I’m still lifting and doing pilates.

I’m walking the line of worry though. Too much cardio makes me squishy and I need to keep the muscle I have!
Treading lightly here. I’m hoping that keeping my food on point will help me cut without doing 2 a days.
I have PR’d on my Box jumps. I’m notw doing the 20 inch box . I hit 22 inches on the Reebok step but I was more terrified of that actual plyo box. This was the first time I was able to do it. My confidence is up and I can really feel it so much differently in my glutes!  I can do about 60 box jumps a session now. Feeling strong.

I also completed 125 straight arm burpees and also 100 pushup burpees. That’s  not accumulative. I can do those in 1 workout. Once I got past the 125 straight arm burpees, I wanted to back up and practice the pushup ones. So that took another week. Those are hard. I need to tighten those up.
Those is a huge milestone for me. I really want to be strong. I’ll continue to push.

What are you working on now?

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