Fat Burners: Should I use them?

One of my competitors asked me about Fat Burners/ Thermagenics today. I wanted to share my experience and maybe it will help you in your decision making for purchases.

Edit: This is a running blog post of what I used each year so it is updated.

First: Stop  buying into the hype! If you see it on IG and it’s MAGIC.. whatever. Understand that supplements don’t solve problems when you eat like crap.  Ok.. here you go.

Dr. Oz gets a check. #truth
Dr. Oz gets a check. #truth

Fat burners/ Thermagenics  can be Stimulant based (caffeine) and non stimulant based. Some of them are “the MOTHER of all FATBURNERS” aggressive and containing derivatives of banned products so beware! I had one Sup guy tell me my Preworkout had Adderall in it.  It had “amperall” which is like a molecule off from Adderall. It was crazy.  Anyway.. you can find some beastly products but is it what you need?  Most people ask about things  like “Green Tea” or Raspberry Ketones, or anything from DR. Oz and other Multi level marketing companies.

For our clients I recommend supplement stores and I suggest you go where the product can be returned if you have an issue.  Be mindful of advertising on things DR. Oz recommends. He gets a check, remember? Many of those green tea fat burners have to build up in your system. I think you could just drink some Green Tea and get on with your life.

You can search my blog for more info on Fat burners, but I want to just share what I’ve personally used.

Fat burners in prep:
Prep is the best possible scenario for Thermagenics. Hopefully, you are eating your best,  and training hard.

The planets have aligned so if you use them, you may see changes. If you are doing  the drive thru expecting a fat burner to ‘block’ all the fat, or save you from your binges.. skip it.

My first coach on Las Vegas Bikini Team had me on Roxy Lean which is a she beast. That one gave me panic attacks but it did work. I can’t do my family like that so for me, that’s a no go. The cycle with Roxy is 30 days on and then the OxyElite pro so you switch them every 30 days.  You need to cycle off fat burners so don’t get comfy with one. It stops working when you get used to it. Don’t be the girl who stops eating either. I’m not here to condone disordered eating. No way!

I took Epiq-Shred for one of my shows. I liked it. No stimulant. It’s from GNC.

In 2014 I took Hydroxy-cut SX7 and think it was ok too. It was the non- stim one. Honestly, for me, I think it probably helped me more mentally to have an edge. I’m not entirely sure. In prep, I will do everything I can because that’s what my brain tells me to do.  I got that one at GNC. Of course they have new and improved ones all the time. Go where you can return them if you need to! When you ask about them, remember at GNC they have contests to sell products. Each month it’s a different push. So dig deep and ask them which ones get returned less. Read reviews.  Not picking on them, but do your homework.

I do take CLA ,which will give you 5g fat in your macros but it’s very helpful in flushing belly fat. CLA is NOT a fat burner. It is Omegas. We would need our omegas anyway. Again.. not a fat burner.

The one I buy is Abcuts from Walgreens Or you can get the Abcuts Dreamweaver to help you sleep. Abcuts has some super fancy pants products so you can spend a lot or get the basics. Order online or GNC stocks them.

Or.. you can buy straight CLA.
I like Abcuts product and I did see a result. You will  pee your guts out!
Oh.. you have to drink water like crazy on CLA but, we already drink all the water anyway..
This is only 7 days on my plan. I used Ab Cuts, 1 gallon of spring water every day, some very good food and worked out like a boss.  I do not get a check form GNC, abcuts. I’m just sayin…


I didn’t do a fat burner. I tried a few expensive ones in my last 5 or six weeks but they made me have panic attacks. I ended up not using a fat burner at all.

These were the ones I  have tried this one from GNC and it nearly put me in the hospital. You might do ok on this one though. It’s intense.
This one is ‘timed release’ and I’m told, it’s a competitor favorite. This is one of those aggressive ones!!
GNC has a whole page on Hardcore thermogenics now. Just putting that out there.

2016 I went for  Garcinia Sx7.  I had purchased and returned Hydroxycut Black and it gave me terrible panic attacks.  I was more interested in this product for the appetite suppressant.  Honestly, I kind of half assed this fat burner this year. I was hungry in prep which is normal so it did help but I wasn’t taking it every single day.

2017 I’m going with this 213 complex from Supplement Superstore.
You can learn more about this product here
This one has the night time and thyroid formula.  I had a great talk with the guys at
Supplement Superstore about why this one is a good fit for me.

Bottom line: It’s personal choice and if your coach wants you to.. Some competitors never use them. The ones I posted here are safe for natural body building.

Lifestyle weight loss,  you have to be smart. If you aren’t 100 percent on point with your program, then save your money.
Buy workout tights with the 100 dollars you save from not buying fat burners!

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