Macro counting secrets to eating food

When people start IIFYM or Macro counting, many of them are overwhelmed.
Despite my best efforts to help them, they throw their hands up and say “I don’t know what to eat”.

My clients are NOT allowed to say that. Because..
1. We are grown ups, we do not need to be told by another human what to eat.
2. We can take responsibility for our food.
3. We already know what to eat.
4. We eat every day so what is the point of asking someone else to tell us what to eat?

Ok.. so when you start Macro counting, you should do this first

Step one:  Get your tracker set up with your macros and begin to track what you normally eat for 3 full days.
The numbers you have will give you a very clear picture of  how you eat and what things you need to tweak.

It’s easier to tweak the food you already like than to start over trying to build out  all new menus.

Most of my clients tell me that it’s very eye opening that and they often need more protein, fiber and less carbs.

Once you have a good idea of things you need to work on, you can work on it!

Things you should not do

Stop eating food you hate.
Stop eating food you hate.

1.  Eat things you don’t like.
Cabbage diets for people who hate cabbage makes no sense.  If your coach gave you sweet potatoes and you hate them,  why would you eat them?  Come on!  Do you really think that a sweet potato is magic? If you can’t stand egg whites, why wouldn’t  you put them in something that tastes great?  Choking down food you hate is silly. You have options!
If you don’t know how to do this.. go here

2. Asking public forums what to eat.
This blows my mind, why you would do this.
“I have 30 carbs, 10g  fat and 20g protein left .. AND GO!”

If you are guilty of doing this.. Stop it!  No one likes this!
Here are some great resources for you.

Those silly, dangling  macros are no trouble for RR. You can use the filters and get something you like.
If you want to drop your whole day in the search, you can get all three meals!  You simply add the macro numbers you need and the magic happens.

All Recipes

All recipes!
All recipes!

This site has every recipe known to man on it. You can make something delish and use the
little widget at the bottom to get the macro numbers. You can get them for as many servings as you want.

Search terms are “IIFYM”  “Flexible Dieting”  “Macros” and watch the recipes explode. There are now
a gazillion blogs that have recipes with the macros listed!  Pinterest is the place to be. You know you are on there anyway.

Bottom Line: Eat things you like. Eat well. Eat for your physique goals.  Hit your macros +5/-5 .
A little bit of research will give you new ideas!

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