11 weeks to show

Hey!! I turned 50!  I spent my birthday in Las Vegas with the hubs and our son, Hunter.
Here’s Serendipty3 and I had a fried twinkie sundae for my birthday.
I was able to train at our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Grand Resorts on the strip
Competitors.. this is your place. There are lots of these properties on the Strip.
You can search this company for suites like this all over the world. I want to try the Times Square one!

Look at the  suite.
All cooking utensils present! Everything was there including washer/dryer in the kitch.
There is a grocery market on the first floor with the Starbucks! It was perfect.
I was able to make my pancakes and shakes perfectly.
Giant soaking tub was awesome. I was pretty beat up after my track day on the parking lot.
The gym was very very good too.  It had a huge dining and living room plus the bathroom was
giant too! I LOVED it! LOVED!
Track day in the early LV sunrise.

We were there 5 days and I had some  food. Now I’m ready  for these last 11 weeks.
I came home pretty beat and bloated.  It took me a day or so to recover. Frazzled.
Today is the first day I feel great. We got home 3 days ago! DAMN.

I don’t know about you, but when I eat restaurants or things off my program, I feel pretty yucky.
It was a perfect birthday. I’m ready to kill it now!

Back home
I am so psyched to be home. My competitors and brides are killing their prep!  I have girls who are weeks out
who are looking amazing. I’m so proud of them.
I cannot wait to see my clients reach their goals!

This was waiting for me when I got home. My stevia drops and 12 containers of Miracle Noodles.
Miracle noodles are most always my M6. These come in Rice, Angle Hair, Orzo and Fettuccini.
It’s fun to make different tastes.  Check them out at MiracleNoodle.com  They are zero macros!

I’m on auto ship for these so this is 2 weeks worth. It’s about $2 a bag.

I’ve gone to my cutting macros hard core now. So these noodles come in handy!
Volume foods for the win. I wish I’d had these last prep!

Oh this happened too.

This is the Schwinn Airdyne bike. When I was a very young girl,  I watched all the body
builders in my gym prep for show on this. I’ve  used it. This is it’s own kind of fresh hell.
I’m adding this into my metabolic training. Found this one on Craigslist since Schwinn doesn’t
make them. If you read Arnold’s book.. he encourages you to use this!  I love it/yet hate it.
It works.
I’m super lucky. Rob drove 2.5 hours to pick this one up. If you want one, get on Craigslist because all the
Cross fitters are going for them in droves.. We paid $100 for this one. A new version of this is $999. The old school ones are
bad ass.

My macros are tight, my workouts are fierce and I’m set up for success.
Go get what you want!

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