Can I drink in prep and other practical questions for competitors

Thank you for this!
Thank you for this!

I follow a lot of competitor boards. These are actual questions from new people who are competing in their first show.
Perhaps you have these questions too.

1. Can I still drink in prep? It’s just so hard to go out with my friends. I deserve a drink! I work hard.

Answer: You can. But the girl on stage next to you didn’t.  What kind of athlete do you want to be?

2. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, so I cleaned my house, that counts as a workout. It was so hard.
Answer:You could certainly  do that. Ask yourself,  will you be on stage knowing you did everything you could or will you wished you’d done more? Go to the gym!

3. I did a Beach Body video for my workout instead of lifting. I didn’t feel like going today.
Answer: See above answer. I take clients who think they train hard enough to compete, then give them my workouts and they have no idea! I would never recommend Beach Body videos for competition prep. I said it.  Feel free to send hate mail.My clients have workouts that are designed for them. Good coaches won’t recommend generic workouts. Go to the gym and do 100 percent of what you NEED to do to get your physique on point.

4. It’s ok to have a cheat day, right?  I don’t see why not. I work hard.
Answer: No. It’s not. You can look at the above answers but let’s get real. One big cheat can blow your progress out of the water. I’ve been there, and my coach told me she wouldn’t let me on stage if I did it again.  If you aren’t serious about your prep, competition may not be right for you.  If you derail, get it together and tell your coach!  You have a finite amount of time to  complete the project. If you are Flex and  struggling, with wanting to binge, check out my blog posts on how to calm sugar cravings. If you are on a Bro-prep.. suck it up.

You are competing in a body building competition. If you commit to doing it, follow through. It’s not supposed to be easy!

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