Prepping not starving: Products to love

One of my favorite meals of my entire life was McDonalds Quarter pounder and a boat load of ketchup.
Well.. I haven’t had fast food in 10 years so there’s that, but.. I found a pretty good substitute.

In prep, usually sauces and condiments are out. In a Bro-prep, you end up with mustard covering everything.
Tomatos are taboo because of “all the sugar”.   So ketcup is unheard of in prep.

I use 99% lean ground turkey burgers with this awesome Heinze Reduced Sugar Ketchup.
Each table spoon has just 1 carb.  I can alot for this in 2 meals a day and I’m in faux fast food heaven.

Here’s the nutritional info on this product.

BBQ Sauce

This is at WalMart! The macros on it is

Serving size is 30g
Calories 10
Carbs 2

I’m pretty psyched about this. I’m not slathering my food, but it’s nice to have options. Remember, IIFYM, Flex isn’t about craptastic food all day, it’s options!!

Eat well!!

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