Peak week as told though pictures and funny memes

This year I did 16 weeks of prep. Peak week is the last week before you compete. Basically.. you should be ready to go. You are dialing it in. Peak week is known to be it’s own kind of fresh hell. You are tired, carb depleted and ready to be done. Tired isn’t even accurate. Training 7 days a  week  2x per day and here we go!
Started peak week off pale. It’d been a full week since my last spray tan.
You have to prep your skin for your show tan. I used Castile soap, and baking soda.
Feeling tired from the macro drop. Gallons of water too. But hey, I had my hair done!

Cardio: 2x per day
Up at 4am. Cardio, posing
Then back in the afternoon to lift. Depletion circuits. I kicked my own ass.
I’m so pale. I can’t focus and I drool a lot. Drinking 2 gallons a day

Don’t act like you didn’t notice. That’s why I stayed home! That and because of the peeing.
And this
Nails: Get gel or Shellac on your fingers and toes so that the mother loving tan doesn’t foil your French.
Once I start crying at the gym.. I know I’m about to go HAM. I always cry at the gym
at least one time in peak week. Then I push hard.
Thursday morning. 131 pounds. I haven’t been this weight since I was 11 years old.
How many times do people tell you that you look icky or disgusting?
All the freaking time. Why do people tell you this? No one wants to hear this!
I’m LEAN! Not skinny. Come on!
Here’s a picture of my kitten Tatu Baby. She eats carbs and is fat.

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