Competiton secrets: what’s in my suitcase

What’s in my suitcase.  Mind you.. my suitcase is now the giant size one.. lol  This was my first year in UFE.

If you are a competing in a fitness competition, you may not know what to bring with you to your show.

Suit (or 3)
Black Silk Robe: VS sells these. Black because of your tan!
Loose black pants with NO cuffs or elastic to mess up your tan
A small towel
Styrofoam cups. Poke the bottom out and  pee through that so you don’t mess up your tan.
Glue ( Bikini Bite )
Gloss : Baby oil gel is good. Do not use PAM cooking spray. Don’t be that girl!
Baby wipes
Bobby pins
Hair brush
Curling iron (it rained on me, I had to borrow)
Hair spray
Makeup : for sure a lipstick for stage!
Mirror for touch ups.
Pump up power cords
Cell phone charger (long day)
Your food for the day
Phone/take lots of pics!
Vodka. just sayin.. I saw it. lol
Bring snacks for the girls backstage. They will love you.

Edit: I want to show you Bikini Bite. As a competitor you can bring your own.  My coaches have used 3m spray on me. It’s not ‘recommended’ for skin but it holds like a mama.
The people who do your tan, “may” or “may not” glue you. Bring your own just in case. I went  on stage unglued! OMG.
Bikni Bite is at Amazon or
I keep this with me for my competitors when I travel with them.
IMPORTANT:::If you are coming in from out of town
Also bring with you these things so you don’t get charged for ruining the hotel’s items.
Dark sheets for the bed
Dark towels and wash cloths

This is a huge help if you are in UFE and have wardrobe changes. I purchased clear shoe containers from Target and put each of my bikini’s in them with my number. Each category will have it’s own number so keeping the number with the outfit is so helpful.


This is backstage at UFE Fury The venue was amazing
and had a beautiful green room with lights and outlets.  Best venue I’ve ever seen.
The girls were fantastic. Everyone was very willing to share. If you can help a sister out
I hope you do. Everyone has their own journey. I learned about some fantastic women who
worked so hard to get to this show. Any time we can help each other.. we win!

I wish you so  much luck on your competition! xoxo

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