UFE Halloween Mayhem Check in

The mister and I woke up early Friday the 23 and began our 5 hour drive to Chicago.
The trip took 6.5 hours because of all the peeing I had to do. It’s all good.

The Host Hotel
We have never traveled for a show before. I would typically recommend you stay at the host hotel simply because the tanning and makeup vendors would be on site as well as your Friday night check in. Often the Polygraph testing is at the host hotel as well.  They will often have a good rate for you. They will also give you instructions as to what to bring to protect the hotel property from your crazy tan. We brought our own sheets.

I’ve been super fug all week. Prepping my skin and rarely in makeup. I was exhausted when I got to the tanning appointment.  I liked the girls at Fitworld Tanning a lot. They were very cool to me all weekend.  Tanning takes a good hour or more. You’re naked and people will be walking around you. If you can tan at the venue, that’s a great idea.
Your tan makes a difference in your overall appearance. Fitworld also did my hair makeup so I just purchased the entire package.  I worked 16 months to do THIS show.. I wasn’t going to skimp on anything.

Check in
Our check in was easy!  We met our show’s promoters and got our numbers.
Super great people! Excited to do this show!!
The mister. Man.. he just helps me so much. By the time we were done with check in, I passed out and he went to Kuma’s Corner for a burger.

eary e2
Early am on Show day!!  I woke up feeling lean and tight!
Ready to get down to hair and makeup!

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