Perspective and prep updates

I mull around a lot of ish inside my head. I’m a type A, over achiever and over thinker.
So this meme is spot on.  I never really pushed out of my comfort zone in much of anything until the last few years.  My comfort zone is pretty intense but I think I always stopped short of really knowing what I’m fully capable of.

Competing is fascinating when I’m doing it, and helping others learn it. It’s not fascinating when  a coach handed me a menu and I learned nothing. I felt like I had more insight to what my body wanted, needed so a generic path is not for me. I feel like we are learning so much in our industry about being stronger, healthier and more in tune to our athletic selves that we can reach even higher.

I’m amazed at the athletes I coach and how they find their best selves through their nutrition and training.  Getting better is addicting for sure.

Strength: My goals with doing pole is to push myself differently. I think pole extremely hard but the hybrid of pole and my new workouts is really giving me some great gains.


I have added these crazy prowlers to my workouts 3 x a week.  They are full body but I really feel my glutes, core, hammies.. well. everything. I’m using my lats to push to help me gain strength in my pole work.  I’m finding that I’m getting much stronger in my climbing. I like my muscle, I like being strong.  I climbed the pole many, many times in class. I was able to accomplish a new pole sit. This is a break through move which means I’m moving into more inverted moves. I was not able to lift myself up a short time ago.

First time in this pole sit, Shrimp on the barbie.. Looking forward to the lay back.
 20 weeks out. I feel strong.

Revelation: I spend a lot of my time being pissy because I can’t do this, I can’t lift this. I can’t, I can’t.. I want it all. I want it all now.
My pole instructor schooled me hard.
This rings true with my  bodybuilding/business journey too. I will share her wise words giving her full credit. Thanks Michelle.

She  told me, “You will never be where you want to be. There will always be something you are working for. There is no end to your journey so you are better off to enjoy each part of this trip you are on.”

I need more of this in my life.That’s for sure!!

I wish you luck with your show!!

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