Fascia blasting : My First 30 days.

There they are!  My Fascia Blasters!  This journey.. OY!!

A few months ago, I happened upon a Facebook video from Ashley Black Guru and she was talking about the “cellulite myth”.  I  was mid prep so I just set that aside for later.

After my show though, I spent some time researching the science of Fascia and it started to hit home with me that this was something I needed to get to work on.
Fascia on the chicken breast, you’ve seen this before.. bet you didn’t know what it was!!

Here’s the original video

 This one.. omg.. yes

How I started: 
One of the first things I did was join the Fascia Blasters Facebook group and watched daily as hundreds of people were posting their progress!  I spent a lot of time on Ashley’s Youtube channel and finally sent her my show pics for her coaching advice.

She said
“Tracy to me your fascia looks “beyond bound” – so you don’t have much dimpling but your skin is in solid chunks and you probably have poor circulation, leg cramps, and feel tight and tired all the time. If you go to grab your skin and it feels like 1 solid piece and you can not separate it at all – that is beyond bound! Don’t worry – the FasciaBlaster WILL FIX IT – it’s just gonna get “uglier” before it gets better.”

Here is a visual of the variations of ‘cellulite’.

She was right!  If I pinched my skin it was big chunks.  Everything she said was true. Tight and tired all the time.

What I purchased: 
The Full sized Fascia Blaster
The mini Fascia Blaster
Ashley’s blasting oil
After Blasting cream.

I received my blaster in 2 days!! The oil did not arrive until a week later so I started with the Moroccan oil my mama gave me. It worked great.
Ashley’s Fascia Blasting Oil is awesome too, but I use a lot so I also just got some Target body oil. Other  people use coconut oil or Massage oils.  Baby oil was awful so don’t use that.  So far, Ashley’s oil and my Moroccan oil were the best as they spread easily and the blaster glided well.

It’s best to blast in heat.so we put a heater in the bathroom or I use the sauna.
It actually  does hurt and I bruised my first week, although I’m not bruised anymore.  I blast 4-5x a week. Sometimes I just do my legs and sometimes I do several parts. It takes me a good 20 min but I also can just blast my arms quickly in the shower.

It’s been about 3.5 weeks now 

Today, I sent her a follow up video and I was utterly mortified. Beyond Bound is about breaking up the fat so it does look chunky now!!
A large chunk of fat broke off on the back of my leg and is floating. It’s gross. It will eventually break up.

So after sending this video.. I’m curious to see what changes she has for me.

Good news: even though I’m looking rough, with Beyond Bound it will get worse before it gets better!!
 I’m 100 percent committed to working on this issue. I’m learning so much about how the fascia effects my body building and muscle gains! .  I want education and I want healthy fascia.  Fascia issues can cause  some crazy issues. LOOK  Look at this chart: 

When I started I went through a full week of feeling pretty crummy and tired. That’s really normal.  I’ve noticed though my circulation is getting better.  Even though my abs, legs, glutes resemble mashed potatos… I am seeing quad definition coming through. I actually see positive changes.  I’m really in this for the long haul.

It’s probably odd that I didn’t post my personal pictures here. I’d like to do that after I have achieved progress.

As I work this next year to balance my body, with my training, chiropractic adjustments and stretching, Fascia Blasting makes sense to me. There is actually a body builder, competitors facebook group that I’m in for support too.  It’s interesting.

Do you blast too?

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