Fasica Blaster Update

If you are following my Fascia Blaster journey, this is a mini update since I had a bit of a break through today.

I’ve been blasting about 6 full weeks now.  I was beyond bound so I am slowly breaking up big old chunks of fat.  I am finding that my fasica is really still pretty tight. My abs are a wreck.  They are swollen. I see that after I blast, I do have some nice tightening!!

Anyway..I’m doing all of this in my off season so let the chips fall where they may. I will be golden in 1 year.

Ok.. Last week I blasted almost every day. I pay attention to my 
IT band
Heart butt blasting 
Hammies/glute ham tie in
I lightly blast over the peachy part so I don’t lose volume.
I also do my abs hard core.
My arms and waist and back. 

Blasting is like a whole workout!!  

Post blasting
I feel so drained and tired.  That’s the detoxing and it’s real. I feel like have felt a cold coming on,soooo tired.   On Thursday I went to the gym, then blasted. I was going to do a pole workout but couldn’t even get up off the couch!

I decided to wait a few days and see if I felt stronger again.  I blasted a little bit on Monday but it kicked my butt. I couldn’t even finish my blast!  That was the last time I blasted, or attempted to…

I took yesterday off.

Today was dead lift day and I felt great!  I PRd my lift at 145 and did about 20 reps so that’s  good.  But… here’s the kicker..

I felt my glutes like I seriously have never felt before ever every.  I felt my hammies, too. I cannot even believe how different it feels. I can feel more circulation and the muscles are firing so much better! I wanted to keep going because it felt so strange and good!!

I’m also noticing that while I’m swollen and puffy, my quads, hams and glutes are like rocks. I’m feeling them building!  So… that’s the news.


The girls on the Fascia blasters for women body builders echo this same thing. One thing I might have to do is blast and then lift lighter as the fasica that was so bound is loosening.
Feels crazy to be worn out so quickly.  I’m going to hope that the detoxing eases up.

I need to do better on my water!! Ok.. I’ll keep you updated!!

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