7/2 weeks out

I had a pretty strong week. I am super tired now and I’m starting to feel this prep. It’s been over 14 weeks I’ve been on prep, so this is expected. But my check in this week was great. I switched to a smaller suit though. The tiny suit is one I had made but didn’t fit on day of show because it was made for someone else. So I’m happy that I might be able to wear it!  You will notice that I’m in two different suits so that’s why.


I  met Julie for posing and we rocked.  I’m feeling really good about where I’m at.

I got all of them in, including two track workouts this week. I was still feeling a tiny bit under the weather. Just not totally recovered but I did all my workouts.

In light of all the issues with the Corona Virus, I’m taking the exact same precautions I always take at the gym. I’m disgusted at other people!  But this stuff is always in my bag.  I’m not dealing with other people’s grossness.
My booty Band is here if you need one.

I found these babies on Amazon. I decided to really start bumping my sups here at the end of prep. I have been using coffee and Redbull as pre workout but I’m pretty pumped about these gummies.  Serving size is 5 gummies and they are just 18g C.  That fits into my pre workout food but also has all the magic of C4. They are just $9.99 a jar and that is 6 servings.  That is about $1.67 a serving. My Red Bulls are almost 3 bucks a can. So I’m going to be good with this. I like them. You can get them here!!

I also got new hair color from my Hair Guru, Melissa Boston. She creates my color for me. This is a new color and I love it. It’s fire. My wings are black and this is going to be amazing on stage and in my shows!!

I worked on my Manson pieces and this costume from Amazon is for the Dahlia Showcase 4/11 and the Side Show Menagerie at Crack Fox STL.   Fun!

My food has been spot on this week. I had a macro drop and I felt it. I had one day that I was done with my macros at 3pm.  I have not done that in 14 weeks. I was so hungry. I’m going to do a refeed on Sunday and see if I feel better.

Water: still a struggle. I need to do better.  It’s a daily goal.
I hope it’s going alright for you!! Let’s push hard this week!!

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