Show updates and Corona Virus 2020

SD with Mango!  It’s cool.

So here we are! All of us are in this together!  All shows are canceled and we are focused on flattening the curve.  We are learning how to socially distance and be socially conscious.  Some of our friends are struggling because they can’t work.  Some of our friends own small businesses are are greatly compromised. Our show promoters, including myself, are sad but resilient.  Shows can be rescheduled and we can approach with a new excitement.

Personally, if the show had gone on, I would have bowed out. I don’t feel that shows should be going on when we are in crisis. We need to socially distance and I think end -arounds and loop hole mentality are selfish. I’m not apologizing for that.
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I struggled to get egg whites and protein for my show prep from the stores. They are cleaned out.   I can’t find a  way to not feel like the biggest douchebag, asshat for being upset that I can’t get 4 containers of egg whites for my bikini show.  There are bigger issues and families are not getting what they need for nutrition!  Food shortage or just hoarding issues are keeping people from feeling safe.  I wish more people cared about others.

So my thoughts for stuff.. it’s not about me.  My journal/bloggie was to document how I did my show prep and share info.   There will be shows to do and performances to put on.  I’m so sure of it.

The other thing I want to say is that working out from home is challenging for a lot of people.  Our team is offering free workouts on Instagram to give people some new ways to train.   I am the circuit queen. I like to get things done and on the books.  My workouts are going to be blasts for a big burn!

Image may contain: Tracy Holtzmann, possible text that says 'Train with me LIVE! Thurs 3/19 2pm CT Booty/core Friday 3/20 2pm CT Full Body Blast Updated schedule at at com IG @IIFYMCOACHTRACY'
Optimal equipment would be
Stability ball
Optimal equipment is
Booty Band 
Power cords like these

If you have to train body weight.. that’s ok too!

Listen, I take nothing for granted.  We can understand that challenges create growth.
If you need help with your plan or have questions I can help with.. please message me.
My instagram is here 
We got this!!

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