Fitness Programs & Self Abuse

I’m back!! I have a new bloggie for you!!

I’ve wanted to do this blog post for a long time!!
How many times have you started a program from a place where you said
“I need to get my sh*t together and get on a plan!!”

What was happening before you started your program?
Were you free falling into binges, drinking, or other indiscriminate eating?

That’s typical!!

What typically happens when a person takes the step to walk into a fitness center, weight loss center or
seek help for their physique/fitness concerns is an X-factor moment.

An X-factor moment for a person could be:
The moment they put on pants or belt and it doesn’t fit.
Seeing a picture of themselves eating.
It might be that someone makes a negative comment about their body or the food they eat.
It might be words from their doctor that they need to ‘get healthy’.

These are very hard things!! But they are what many consider “motivation.” They come from a negative place in starting a plan!!

What usually follows is an incredible amount of restriction, high pressure and self abuse if the client isn’t perfect on their plan.

I have had many clients who were basically in a free fall of buffets get furious on me when I ask them to eat 170g of Carbs. It’s almost like they have two modes..

All in or Screw it.

New clients often self abuse with carbphobia!

Have you ever been on a program and white knuckled your way to ‘killing it’ for a while then hit a bump?
What happened when you hit the bump? Did you ridicule yourself for NOT being perfect? Did you pick apart everything about your body or condemn yourself for not being able to stay on plan?

That my friend, is self abuse. I’ve been there.. I struggle. We all struggle!! So my goal here today is to tell you that this no longer serves you and you are done doing that.

In my program, Bad Kitty Fitness, we are working on finding peace in our food and our plan. What is lacking in Extreme fitness, all or nothing challenges and hard core restrictive diets, is it fails to take in to consideration that we are humans. Humans are NOT required to be perfect.

What we know actually works is being consistent.

I also want to mention that it’s self abuse when a client has been eating indiscriminately and carbs are not an issue but when I give them carbs for their plan suddenly carbs are the enemy. We need to find middle ground and help them learn how to find peace in their food. IIFYM/Macros is amazing in that way!!

As you go into your new programs and plans.. work toward consistency. Work toward tweaking what you are doing and making the program suit YOU. Work toward speaking to yourself with kindness. Understand that the things you did in the past, didn’t work and now it’s time to fix the issues that are keeping you from your goal.

I will speak on this topic regularly. I will talk about self abuse in competition training. I want you to know that as a human, you are worthy and capable and amazing. You can look any way you want. You can train for shows or just to be healthy. You can do pole, or ski or run. You can live your best life without being mean to yourself. Fitness is fun and a exciting thing!!

You can do this!!
If you are looking for a new coach, or program that will help you feel amazing and get you to your goals.. I got you. Please visit my site

This beautiful panther is Salam Saberhagen. He wants you to be happy.

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