Why Coach Jumping will Hurt Your Show.

Coach jumping is a big issue in this industry and of course you should switch coaches if you don’t feel it’s a good match or they are leading you to unhealthy practices HOWEVER, sometimes it’s really just….you. There is no “you MUST do this” to compete. There are actually a ton of roads to a goal but no one is going to be better if you aren’t ready for it.

1. There will be a lot of adjustments. It’s a learning process. No coach will ever know everything about your body. Not your coach.

2. Your caloric needs will change as your body changes and also based on many other factors. So if you gained or lost and that wasn’t the goal, it’s not necessarily your coach sometimes it’s your body regardless of how good you did. Not your coach.

3. If you weren’t able to rate your compliance at least a 9/10 (nutrition, training, water intake, fiber, micronutrients, cardio, sleep etc) then it’s not your coach. It’s a compliance issue. Not your coach.

4. “Macros doesn’t work for my body” false, calories were more than your calories out. Not your coach.

5. “I want to get 1st place in my comp in 8 weeks” we aren’t miracle workers here. This will depend a lot on where you are currently, how your compliance is and how you can handle most likely an incredibly strict program. Also has to do with who else showed up on stage and what the judges are looking for that day. You might be the leanest and that’s not what they are looking for. You might be the most muscular or toned and that’s not that they are looking for. Not your coach.

6. “I’ve got a lot of muscle, I work hard. So I’ll look great after I shed the fat”. Chances are, you may still be unhappy after you shed. You may not have as much muscle as you think. Your coach might not know what you’re working with until you shed either. Not your coach. Stop coach jumping just because you aren’t getting the results you want. Achieving the best physique of your life can take YEARS of hard work day in and day out. However, jumping from coach to coach actually hurts your ability to stick through it long enough to see the fruits of that intensive labor.

Special guest blogger, Lindsay Westfall.

Lindsay Westfall is Natural Bodybuilding Judge/CEO Awakening Strength/INBA PRO Figure Competitor/Feminist

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