Gym Etiquette is a thing of the past

Not feeling myself.

Gym Rant.: I was raised in the gym with good gym etiquette. You did not F around. If you didn’t rack your weights, the bro’s would kick your ass. I’m not joking. There was a code. Does anyone remember STL Gym Legend George Turner? No way did you screw up in his gym.I miss old school. Some of you remember. Shake my damn head.

Today I was hoping to burn out with the Prowler sled and it was not being used. However a crossfit dude had a WOD he was doing and it had 9 moves and took up the entire turf. So he got to the sled exactly every 9 min. I asked if I could jump in and he said “No”. So apparently, his gym membership means he gets access to everything and does not have to share.

As a fitness coach, I work hard to teach my clients how to swerve if they need to. A real fitness person can switch things up on the fly or make accommodations for circumstances. When you are so focused on yourself that no one else matters, you are trash. I should have just used it but I didn’t because what is the point with these people. I did the dead mill and kicked my own ass.

I think it is super important to have the ability to train using what you have available. If you lose your shit because you don’t have access to everything you want at the exact moment you need it, you are weak sauce. You aren’t badass. I’m here to tell you. You are a little toddler. Be better.

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